The $90 Christian Louboutin lipstick that everyone has gone bonkers about

This is the age of diversity. Businesses thrive on diversifying their brand because millions are passé and trillions have taken over. As is the corporate fraternity, so is fashion. Designers have mostly been tapping into a variety of sectors to offer custom-made products to their brand-loyal clientele. A Christian Louboutin shoes in the closet is a necessity. Then last year they ventured into beauty and launched a line of nail paint, which fared ok, giving the fancy bottle and price tag it came with.

Christian Louboutin lipstick 2
Now, lipstick. A range that features 38 different shades of lipstick, at a retail price of $90 apiece. It is exclusive no doubt, packaged like an amulet in a bullet-like capsule with a cap that is a mini crown. There are three texture varieties including silky satin, velvet matte and sheer voile. All 37 look the same, golden bullet-pendants with a loop which allows you to wear the lipstick as a necklace in your neck. At that price tag, why not. One special edition is included in the range, a special signature Rouge Louboutin encased in a black lacquer capsule. There you go. Now along with your jazzy, flashy Loubs, you can match your nails and lips. What would be next? I say real estate. Tee hee.
Christian Louboutin lipstick 4

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