The Art of Shaving teams up with ‘Kingsman’ for a unique Bourbon inspired collection

Why should grooming be a boring chore instead of the fulfilling experience that is truly is? It’s with this thought in mind that ‘The Art of Shaving’ – a luxury grooming brand, has recently come up with an exciting new collection for the Men who love their movies and vanity alike! Inspired by the much-awaited film from director Matthew Vaughn – “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, the brand has launched a Bourbon Scented Collection that comes with aromatic shaving products and Kingsman branded shaving hardware.

Titled at ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle Bourbon Shave Collection’, the ensemble is prefect for the modern man who loves to pamper himself and be groomed to the tee. It includes a pre-shave oil made from botanical ingredients, a shaving cream formulated with essential oils and natural extracts and a after shave balm that is a calming blend of moisturizers and hydrating juices. Each of the products bear a rich, woody base of Bourbon Amber that depicts the sophistication and intelligence of a true Kingsman!

In the past, the movie franchise has also teamed up with TAG Heuer and Mr.Porter for similar product lines. The Kingsman inspired shaving kit will be available in ‘The Art of Shaving’ retail locations in the US and online from mid-august. Prices for the same are currently unknown but grooming yourself as a Kingsman Agent is bound to be heavy on the pockets, or so we anticipate!