The closest shave you’ll ever have is with the $300 OneBlade Razor

There are close shaves and then there are closer shaves with the OneBlade, an old fashioned style razor blade shaving kit that’s been meticulously designed and crafted to help you get the smoothest shave ever, without spilling an ounce of blood. Of course it’s also going to make a rather expensive fashion statement while doing so, but while the OneBlade system is designed with precision in mind, it does have a few faults that could be detrimental to its sales figures.

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Taking the traditional ‘safety’ razor to a new level minus the nicks and cuts, the OneBlade is probably the very last shaving tool you’ll buy, so the $300 price tag shouldn’t deter you, just yet. It’s built from steel that’s been fashioned into a single molded piece, finely crafted for a great looking personal grooming tool. It’s taken the design team at Pensa almost a year to come up with after numerous researchers spent hours shaving and testing 3D printed designs till they got it right. They’ve truly put their blood, sweat and possibly tears as well into this.
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However, what one ends up with is a very visually stunning razor that has been designed to use specially created fine quality single-sided razors from a Japanese company. This also probably means that the OneBlade will only work with these type blades and hopefully they’re easily available. The second issue some reports talk about is that the shaver weighs almost 3 times that of today’s major brands that use compact blade cartridges and to make matters worse, the slick steel format that’s devoid of any grooves or a rubberized grip, makes it a little slippery to handle especially in damp conditions. But the end result is a smooth, bloodless shave which is pretty much all you should really care about.
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So while the OneBlade may very well be one of the finest old-school, ‘heirloom quality’ razor blades out there right now, it does come with a few minor setbacks which I’m sure the next edition will fix. The $300 price tag also includes a leather pouch. Pensa’s approach to the requirement was simple, elegant and tasteful, but leaves a little something for actual ergonomics. But if you’re looking to give your dad a really cool Christmas present this year, you should probably start saving up for this.
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