The latest from L’Oreal is a smart patch that tells you how much sun is too much

You may know L’Oreal for their covetable make up lines and famous range of red lipsticks, but this time the brand is making headlines for something much more sophisticated. The beauty giant’s latest offering is called My UV Patch and it’s a wearable patch that monitors the amount of sun exposure you endure over a span of time.

The skin sensor uses technology that is currently in beta to measure ultraviolet light exposure. The patch is just one square inch and supposedly half the thickness of the average strand of hair. When exposed to UV rays, the patch changes color. After a few hours of wear, all you have to do is snap a picture of the patch and upload it to a corresponding app which will tell you how much sun exposure you’ve had.

“The key point is to really understand the amounts of exposure you have, even day-to-day, just going to work, walking outside,” Guive Balooch told Refinery29. Balooch is the global VP of the L’Oréal technology incubator that developed the patch. “Having an application won’t tell you that. You need to measure it.”

A product like this helps you rethink your habits especially if you’re prone to forgetting to slather on the SPF. “We want to empower users through technology,” Balooch says. Though we’re not sure when the product will be launched, Balooch has hinted that the product may be made available for free.

[ Via : Refinery29 ]

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