Thierry unveils a union of leather and star anise in his new Les Exceptions fragrance

It was music to the senses, Thierry Mugler’s Les Exceptions series that was launched last year. He has added one more to the collection, Cuir Impertinent and this time the star of the scent is … star anise. Once the spicy notes of the anise settles in, tobacco takes over and then leather warmed with amber. So rich, the very sound of it is intoxicating. With a few strong notes, the fragrance might stir confusion to those trying to figure out the scent – like how the brand explains the concoction as ‘audacious collision’ (of leather and star anise). Au contraire to its name, the star anise could definitely reduce the impertinence of leather with its freshness and boldness.

New Fragrances Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions Cuir Impertinent 2
The fragrance costs $225 and you can get it customized by having it engraved with a text of your choice. The website is offering a special offer on this bottle now – on purchase of the Cuir Impertinent, you can get 5 free samples of Les Exceptions.
New Fragrances Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions Cuir Impertinent 3

[Via – Fragrantica]

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