Would you shell out $4,000 for Tom Ford’s lipstick minaudière?

Tom Ford is either crazy or a genius. On second thought, he might just be a crazy genius and you’ll agree with us once you lay eyes on his Lipstick Minaudière. Believe it or not, it’s a clutch that comes with a lipstick holder on the side so you can slide your favorite lipcolor in without having it take up space in your clutch. But wait a minute, isn’t stashing you essentials inside, the whole point of having a clutch? Hmm, Tom Ford must have missed the memo.

tomford-plexi-glass-lipstick-minaudiere-6The plexiglass box clutch comes in three sequined variants, gold and silver and multi and has a tubular chain strap for the days you can’t be bothered to hold on to it. Inside is a leather pouch that keeps your tiny treasures safe from prying eyes. On the side are gold metal rings fashioned to hold a single tube of Tom Ford lipstick. A signature nude shade called Vanilla Suede is included with the purse.

tomford-plexi-glass-lipstick-minaudiere-5Tom’s Lipstick Minaudière may come with a free lipstick, but it also comes with a hefty $3,950 price tag. Yes, that’s almost $4,000 for a clutch whose only distinguishing characteristic is that it allows you to carry your lipstick outside instead of in! Well, Naomi Campbell buys the idea, so we can imagine other Tom Ford fanatics will too. But if you’re still skeptical, make the designer’s pop colored totes your summer investment instead.

[Available at Tom-Ford]

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