YSL’s new Or Rouge range will combat skin aging with saffron and a new miracle molecule

Already a legendary name in fashion, the Parisian brand YSL is strengthening their beauty chops with their new “Or Rouge” range. The name, which is French for Red Gold, is a reference to the key ingredient in this collection – the world’s most expensive spice- Saffron. And for YSL not just any saffron will do, they have picked out the very finest strain coming from high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco – a place that is particularly significant to the brand to the extent that the ashes of the brand’s founder and namesake were scattered in Morocco’s Majorelle Gardens.

The uniqueness of the saffron strands from the crocuses grown in these mountains lies in the fact that they contain a high concentration of a sugar or Glycan titled Crocin. Glycans play an important part in communication between skin cells. They also support tissue structure and architecture. However over time Glycans in the skin diminish and result in deterioration of skin support architecture and reduced communication between cells and consequent reduction in collagen production. To combat this problem, the researchers at L’Oréal (which is YSL’s parent company) devised a glycan receptor that does not decrease with age. The Or Rouge range combines Crocin, the Glycan receptor as well as a third glycan known as X-Glycan and promises to work on fine lines, wrinkles, lack of firmness, dullness, and other signs of aging. Dr Rozina Ali investigated L’Oréal’s research in a BBC documentary titled “Horizon: The Truth About Looking Young” and appeared to be impressed with their work in glycobiology.

Presented in ultra modern packaging by Noé Duchaufour, Or Rouge will be available in the U.S.A. around March on yslbeautyus.com. Priced at $420 for the 50-ml. cream, $240 for the 15-ml. eye cream and $150 for the 200-ml. lotion the Or Rouge is a collection that reminds us that ageless beauty certainly doesn’t come cheap!

[Via – Beautyscene]

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