1300 feet up in the air – Chicago’s Willis Tower’s viewing point is renovated and it is scarier than ever

If you love adventure and have no fear of heights whatsoever – the revamped Chicago Skydeck at the Willis Tower is for you! The viewing point is perched at a spine-chilling height of 1,300-feet in the air, on the 103rd floor of the iconic building.

Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), the renovated structure consists of a ledge that is made up of four glass boxes that extend 4.3 ft (1.3 m) out from the Willis Tower. Guests can step onto the hanging units to peer down at the city – if their hearts don’t pound out of their chests, that is!

But before you set out on the adventure, it is worth remembering an incident that took place at the very ledge in 2009 when the glass floor cracked under the weight of visitors. Although the damage was minor, it managed to scare the living lights out of those present at the scene.

As part of the revamp that has followed, views and accessibility have been improved, lighting and the decor have been changed, and necessary upgrades to the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems have also been made Skydeck.

In addition to it, a new interactive museum detailing Chicago’s culture and history has been built on the lower floors, with a modernized office space and a large outdoor terrace garden currently in the works at the Tower. A new five-level restaurant has also been installed on the lower levels for visitors.

If you’re in the mood to catch panoramic views of the windy city (in style) – you know where to head!

[Via: New Atlas]

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