A garage next to Harrods is Britain’s most expensive at $850,000

Property rates in Britain might be facing a plunge these days. That hasn’t stopped this garage from sporting a price tag of a whopping £525,000 ($850,000), however! Nestled in a backstreet called the Rysbrack Street near Harrods, this non-descript garage sports a blackened shutter and aging bricks. Measuring 6.4 meters wide and just 4.75 meters deep, the garage costs this exorbitant sum simply because a freehold garage in Knightsbridge doesn’t show up for sale too often these days. When it does, it comes with a price tag worth enough to buy three average-sized homes in Britain!

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As for the overall property market, prices in Britain have dropped sharply by 0.6% to an average of £160,372 through exceptional properties as such tend to stick to their former price tags.