A nuke-proof space observation station is up for $2.95 million in California

2012 is finally here, and if you love sci-fi, it time to go shopping for the perfect bomb shelter, right? And if you haven’t yet found anything worth your time, had over to Carmel Valley, California, where a nuclear bomb-proof space station is up for grabs. The Jamesburg Earth Station is a space-observing earth station built in the 1960’s as US and the Soviet Union went into cold war. The building is sturdy enough to withstand 5-megaton nuclear blast.

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While the government shut the 20,000 square foot center 2002 and sold off the place to a private investor. The property priced at $2,950,000 will also give you access to 160 acres of land, an 11 storey high antenna, a helicopter landing pad, a three-bedroom house, a basketball court, a Fiber Optic OC-48 cable, a barn, and two wells of water. Keller Williams is currently selling the space property package, so what are you waiting for.
[KBSW via Nerdapproved]

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