A spare Boeing 747 transformed into a luxury dwelling at Malibu instead

Boeing 747s have a huge fan following. While some people bring it home, others just convert it into a neat eatery, but the upscale residents of Malibu decided to live in it! Apparently, the $200million worth of plane is only worth$35,000. And if you think that amount qualifies as “only,” you need to get in touch with architect David Hertz soon. The main residence will span over the main wings and the two stabilizers at the tail section to provide a roof for the Master Bedroom. The Art Studio Building, on the other hand, will use the 50-foot long section of the upper fuselage for roofing, and the rest of the fuselage, as well as the upper first class cabin deck, will be for roofing the Guest House.

The lower part will be used as an Animal Barn while the front part will house the Meditation Pavilion spanning 28 feet in diameter and 45 feet tall. The cockpit windows give you the views of Buffalo and also provide skylight. Talk about resourcefulness!

via – [Greenlaunches]

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