Abu Dhabi to get a Ferrari-based theme park in 2010

Abu Dhabi is on a mission to claim its status as an important international destination alongside its more glamorous rival, Dubai. Tired of Dubai always stealing the limelight, the city is bracing to see new developments that include constructing an F1 spec race track. The construction also includes a Ferrari-based theme park at Yas island which would be inaugurated in 2010. The theme park is being dubbed Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and would come with the iconic red roof, which is inspired by the body of Ferrari G.

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It would cover an area of 2,152,782 square feet and would also carry the largest Ferrari logo ever. The theme park would include amazing rides, a roller-coaster that is being touted as the world’s fastest, and a simulated F1 car ride. We had earlier written about the Yas Hotel which is inspired by F1 as well. I am sure Abu Dhabi would soon be the Formula 1 capital of the Middle East.
Via – [Motor Authority]

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