Amazon unveils an NBBJ-designed ‘Helix’ structure as part of its Arlington, Virginia headquarters

Amazon has recently unveiled the design for the next part of its Arlington, Virginia headquarters, and it is jaw-dropping good! Designed as a swirling glass tower covered in trees that rises to a point above the rest of the city’s skyline, the building stands out for reasons obvious enough!

It is called ‘Helix’ owing to its corkscrew shape that is inspired by the “the natural beauty of a double helix.” The gorgeous structure has been designed by NBBJ — the architecture firm behind Amazon’s famed Seattle spheres.

As per the company, the unique building will ‘feature two walkable paths of landscaped terrain that will spiral up the outside of the building, featuring plantings you may find on a hike in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia.’ It will also host residential programs for local artists and tours that will be open to the public.

Additionally, Amazon’s Arlington headquarters will include 2.8 million square feet of new office space distributed across three 22-story buildings. It will boast a positive workspace, tons of natural light, and a definitive sense of connection with the world outside.

Space also features 2.5 acres of land accessible for public use that will be open for pedestrians, cyclists, and several community events. The project also includes an all-electric central heating and cooling system that will run on 100% renewable energy from a solar farm. Amazon is sure giving us some major workplace goals!

[Via: Designboom]

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