Architects to build uber-luxurious resort in Montenegro

Montenegro became an independent country recently and the tiny Balkan nation is busy building its reputation as a luxury destination for Western Europeans. Montenegro has long been struck by the Yugoslavian Wars and the battles have done much to scar the image of this lovely and picturesque country. The country was recently featured in James Bond movie Casino Royale, and also through celebrity beach concerts by Madonna and the Rolling Stones. Make Architects have won the contract to build a luxury resort to cash in on the picturesque beauty of the Adriatic Coast.

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The resorts would come with 3 landmark beacons at a height of 100 meters above sea level and it would offer panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. The resort would have varied entertainment, leisure, spa and wellness amenities. The luxury resort is environment friendly and self sustainable as well, making it an example for other luxury resorts. With such opulent and luxurious spas being built in Montenegro, people would soon stop associating the country with bloodshed and would start to associate Montenegro with beauty and luxury. You could also choose to spend time in one of the most exclusive Caribbean resorts.
Via: World Architecture News

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