Architectural Marvels: With Love from Tomorrow…

In its completeness, we have always seen a perfect house to be something that can fulfill every need of ours and satisfy all the fantasies that have been harbored by our coveted thoughts. This illusion that has given Frank Gehry some pretty nightmares has finally been realized in reality by the architect. Somewhere in the wonderlands of Vegas, the New Gehry Residence is located and is catching more than just a few eyes. With all the aid he and his crew received from NASA, this mansion was bound to be something out of this world. The windows are double glazed and are PVC framed and the walls are made up of gypsum plasterboard. The frames are made of uber quality timber to keep everything firm and standing.

Looking at it from a layman’s point of view, the house looks like a collection of random boxes. The glossy exteriors are really cool and remind me of the futuristic apartments shown in some sci-fi flicks.