Austria is home to VW Beetle shaped restaurant and home

Most of us would flaunt our love for our favorite car by cruising in the car everywhere and buying various accessories related to the car, or by building a fancy garage to display it or even buy a miniature model to adorn the mantelpiece. But not builder Markus Voglreiter. The man who is in love with the VW Beetle has built not just a home but also a restaurant in the shape of this famed car. In 2003 he shelled out £750,000 ($1,140,084) to create the 3 storey home which is based on the original Beetle produced by Porsche in 1935. And in 2007 he and his team were able to open to public the first of its kind Beetle shaped restaurant.

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The Car Home is built on the border of a nature preserve in Gnigl near Salzburg, Austria and is constructed from pine wood and has a sturdy cement foundation. At night, when the lights of the two second storey bedrooms are switched on they appear as the headlights of the car. The bathroom window appears as the fuel cap from outside. Besides giving the home a unique uplift, the builder has even made the home energy efficient by instituting “3 liter” energy efficient heating and insulation techniques.
The restaurant christened, THE CAR, DAS AUTO cost 1.6 million Euros ($2 million) and was co-financed by Daniell Porsche. Located in north of Salzberg, Austria, this restaurant and bar seats 300 and has room for 350 on the outside terraces. A must unusual place to dine, this restaurant is sure to become a landmark.
Both unique structures, they are sure to attract Beetle lovers.
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