Book a Hyde Park penthouse with an Aston Martin to catch up with Olympics

The Olympics is just around the corner, and London is quite a busy city. If you are planning a visit for the games, or any other purposes, better sort your hotel bookings in advance. And if you are out on a limb, and finances are not a concern, then London’s prestigious Park Lane apartments are up for grabs. The high security homes are not open to public; you need to hunt it down. And if you plan to pay someone a visit you will have to sign in and wait for your host to let you in. If you can get your hands on the penthouse that is priced at £11,000 ($17,600) for a week, you can have access to butlers, organize dinners, call taxis or just use the Aston Martin, which is exclusive made available for you.

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There are five bedroom luxury penthouse apartments overlooking Hyde Park which feature a baby grand piano, a large desk and padded walls with thick carpets in the halls to keep noise out.
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