Bulletproof Toilet For $100,000

What will James Bond do if he has to take a loo break in the midst of a high profile chase? Bond being Bond does not step into risky public toilets. I have the perfect solution for his plight. A Bullet Proof Public Toilet for his convenience as well as others. This crazy contraption gives the user complete safety from spraying bullets of the enemy. On a more serious note: I could not think purposeful about this Bulletproof Toilet, nonetheless, it’s something I can afford to miss even! Since the tragic 911 incident, many countries have stepped up their defense against terrorism, but, Beijing’s Zhongguan Village square has really gone far into this with a bulletproof public toilet! This public toilet…yes, its public, (and it’s not just by any means, restricted for hi-profile people) features the instructions in English, French, and now Chinese.

The bulletproof toilet costs about $100,000, and there are some 8 such things in Beijing. Guess what, give this to our, uber-rich and it will be a hit (just kidding!!). The streets will soon be filled with local James Bonds.

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