Christie’s multimillion-dollar artifacts find a new high-tech warehouse

Red Hook, Brooklyn, is all set to be the new home of Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services. For the next 30 years, Christie plans to store multimillion-dollar artworks, manuscripts, furniture, and even rare cars on the docks that it has leased. The pearl-gray colossus, one of two former New York Dock Company loft buildings, looms over Imlay Street’s weeds and gritty businesses. But come January, and this warehouse will be transformed into a hi-tech, extremely secure home for some of Christie’s’ most valuable objects. There will be infrared video cameras, biometric readers and motion-activated monitors, and smoke-, heat- and water-detection systems to protect the precious treasure inside the building. With its concrete-and-steel structure and 250,000 square feet spread over six stories, the Red Hook warehouse is ideal for creating customized, air-purified, climate- and humidity-controlled storage units and private viewing galleries.

Besides the fact that it is located near a cruise ship port, it is a convenient and known taxi destination for clients. The warehouse will hold some extremely priceless pieces, including van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and Brancusi.
“It’s not residential, it’s industrial, it’s quiet, it can be very secure, and we liked the location very near the city,” Joe Stasko, the international managing director for Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services, said about the new location which the company has leased for the next 30 years.

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