Desert Island Hammock brings you the luxury of Maldives

Getting time off for a exquisite travel trip never seems to work out because of the heavy schedules and a thousand chores to attend too. And a travel experience comes with a lot of hazards like Snakes Bugs and health hazards due to travel sickness, climate change (And how did I miss Home sickness) So the perfect solution for a heavenly travel experience lies right there where your heart is-Your Home. Your very own paradise in your back garden, the Desert island Hammock is an utterly whimsical a transcendent paradise solution for those looking for some peace. Two artificial palm trees complete with a realistic Tahitian palm fronds and coconuts between which lies a triple woven polyester double hammock and both the Palm trees as well as the hammock are built to withstand all weather conditions. The hammock comes with a caddy and pillow and the palm trees come with an integrated dual-control mist mechanism for keeping you cool during scorching summer heat. Though it’s Winter time now, buying the Desert Island Hammock will be an early investment.

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Desert Island Hammock is priced at $6170.