Digital Media City Landmark tower in Seoul touted to be second tallest building in the world

The second tallest building in the world is all set to be ready by 2015. Located in South Korea, this building will be around 180m shorter than the tallest building in the world- Burj Dubai. Digital Media City Landmark Tower in Seoul, costing 3.3 trillion Won ($2.8billion), is now slated to rise 133 floors in height. The Samoo-designed tower will measure 640m in height and is said to be the visual ‘light’ for what could be the most technologically advanced district in the world. The tower is being constructed on the last pocket of undeveloped land in the South Korean capital. The plan is to create a city within a city where all things digital, from music to animation to computing companies, are accommodated.

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Besides companies, residences, a hotel, a superstore, and a convenience store will be incorporated in this building. The entire tower will come alive at night as it gets bathed in the light cast by several digital displays.
The entire development will boast of a 1.4meter Digital Media Street where interactive information booths, intelligent lighting, and facades will guide you through the ‘city.’
The Mayor of Seoul Oh Se-hoon said, “It will be set in an area of riverside parkland encompassing ecological gardens, lakes, hills and streams – providing heartening evidence that 21st century urban man can co-habit with nature, to the mutual benefit of both.”

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