The Eiffel Tower goes green, can now generate its own power using cleverly camouflaged wind turbines

It’s always great to hear about something that ‘goes green’ when the powers that be decide to reduce the pressure on the environment and generate their own power. For the Parisians, their beloved Eiffel Tower, their crowning glory landmark, has just gone the eco route since it was erected in 1889. With the addition of mini turbines strategically positioned within the fantastic structure, the monument to human ingenuity can now harness the power of the wind and generate its own power to run various functions.

The Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel is the group that’s responsible for the latest technologically advanced “update” to the monument. Using a pair of VisionAIR5 wind turbines that are designed by Urban Green Energy who are specialists renewable energy solutions, the tower takes a major step forward in self-sustainability. To get the very best out of Mother Nature’s air conditioning, these specially designed turbines have been positioned about 122 metres (400ft) from the ground which puts them on the tower’s second level. They’ve also been camouflaged with the tower thanks to the special paint job. And since they produce very little sound, no one will even know they were there. The two turbines have been designed to capture and produce about 10,000kWh per year, which is about enough to power the tower’s first floor.

The two turbines
The two turbines

This latest edition should cut the tower’s environmental impact by 25 percent, which is a big deal seeing as there was no actual requirement for the tower to comply with in regards to power consumption. Aside from just the turbines, LED lighting, rain water collection, solar panels and high-power heat pumps have also been added to the tower’s make up to get the best possible power saving possible. And that, ladies and gentlemen is what true human ingenuity is all about, taking things into your own hands to reduce the stress on our already ailing environment. You gotta love Paris!

Via – Cnet

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