En-Suite Sky Garages for ultra luxurious car-parking

You know you’ve arrived when…….you park your car on the 12th level up and march right into your high-rise abode. That’s exactly what the new condo building at 200 Eleventh Avenue in Chelsea has got to offer its residents. The real estate market has taken a fresh turn with the concept of the En-Suite Sky Garage. An 8,000-pound-capacity freight elevator whisks your luxuriuos cars directly into your apartment. So no more worries about leaving those expensive cars down in the garage for someone to scratch it or mess up with it. Fourteen out of the total number of sixteen suites have their own en-suite garages here. As for the price tag for this plush service, roll over…..

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The cheapest garage-equipped two-bedroom carries a $4.7 million price tag, and the 3,585-square-foot penthouse runs $16.8 million.