Infographic – The most expensive buildings in the world

Budgeting wasn’t on the agenda when constructing the world’s most expensive buildings. It can be hard to comprehend the amount of money spent in their construction. While the size and the prime real estate on which they are built does account for a portion of the cost, it is often the extra elements inside the building which drives the costs even higher. Every part of the design on each building was given careful thought, whether it be exterior or interior, and this resulted in the costs skyrocketing.

For example, the construction of the Abraj Al-Bait Towers was always going to be expensive in itself, but the addition of a 5 story shopping mall as well as a 1000 car parking lot certainly added to the expense.

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Another important point is that these buildings are an architecture master class , and it took some of the greatest architects in the world to make these lofty visions become a reality. The creative design of the Marina Bay in Singapore was the brain child of Moshe Safdie. He is well regarded for his extremely creative designs, and the construction may not have been possible without his input.

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You can find out more about the most expensive buildings in the world in this info-graphic from Cantrell & Crowley. Hopefully you will find it interesting!
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