Jelly-fish 45 Habitat, live under or above water

Giancarlo Zema has designed the Jelly-fish 45, which is a floating dwelling unit that can comfortably house six people. The dimensions boast 10 meters hight with a diameter of over 15 meters. The Jelly-fish 45 will blend naturally with sea parks, atolls, bays and seas rich in ecology. It gives the flexibility to the sea dwelling owners to live either above or below sea level amidst the scenic ocean environment. A spiral staircase connects the five levels. The top level is 5.6 meters above the sea level can be used as a Study. The next lower level is situated at 3.5 meters above the sea level and contains the “night time zone”. The next lower level at 1.4 meters and hosts the “daytime zone” with a kitchen and bathrooms. The lowest living level at 0.8 meters above the sea level is partially submerged and can be employed as the guest room, bathroom and technical spaces.

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Taking inspiration from jellyfishes that reside in our seas with their transparent and weightless structure, the Jelly-fish 45 Habitat promises to get you as close to living in the ocean as you can get. The main carrying structural component is completely constructed from plastic reinforced by incorporated fiberglass while the submarine globe is made from acrylic with a high compressive resistance. It costs $2,500,000.
Technical Characteristics Jelly-fish 45
Maximum diameter – 15 meters
Accomodation – 6/8 beds
Main structure – high density fibreglass
Deck surface – solid teak
Extensible gangway – electro-hydraulic in inox and teak with remote control
External views – electrochromatic system in polycarbonate
Observation bulb – 3 meter o.s.l. with structure in fibreglass at high density, acrylic viewports
Equipment – approved fire extinguishers, navigation spread
Water capacity – 1000 litre with autoclave system
Internal electric system – Two generator of 16.000W for service 24V light throughout, electric outlets for 24 and 220V
Air-conditioning – reverse system (108.000 BTU/h)
Power source options – photovoltaic panels on fibreglass structure
Certification – ABS

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