Loftcube-Home Away From Home!

The Loftcube looks so surreal. Definitely a notch above trailer parks and caravan homes, it is probably a sophisticated version of it. Making the most of the unutilized space on high-rise buildings, this cube-like structure is a fully functional home. Taking all the elements into account, this cuboid is ready for you to inhabit the moment it delivered to your rooftop. And boy! What entry does it make! Like a typical Hollywood movie, expect to be airlifted by a helicopter and plonked onto the roof, or a service crane could do the needful. The exteriors of this cube can be done-up as per your choice. A combination of glass and wood blinds is however the best suited. The 36 square meter interior can be made to your taste too. Modular wall panels separate the kitchen and bathroom, with the same tap used for both sinks to economize on the plumbing. The showerhead can also water the plants.
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The Loftcube is a prime example of a good prefabricated house. The good thing is that you can take it with you wherever you go. To get one for yourself get ready to shell out €55,000 ($74,000).

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