En Suite Sky Garages lets elevator deliver cars right into these Singapore apartments

Parking is always an issue in big cities, causing a lot of time wastage for busy professionals. The Hamilton Scotts apartment offers an innovative solution to counteract this problem- It offers a unique “En Suite Sky Garages” that employs an elevator to deliver cars right into homeowners’ premium living spaces. Instead of being parked in the underground garage of buildings, the cars place itself behind the glass wall off the living room. Residents pull into a designated spot and then use a biometric thumb scan to park the car in the appropriate apartment.

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Hamilton Scott’s apartment’s website says that it offers 54 three-bedroom, 3.5 bath apartments and two “uber-luxurious penthouses.” The apartments are rumored to be selling for $7.5, while the four-car penthouses suites retail for $24 million. Are you impressed with the automated elevator for your car, or you’d prefer the manual underground garage? Tell us with your comments.

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