New $1.1 billion Dallas Cowboys Stadium offers five star luxuries

If the billion-dollar makeover of the Yankee Stadium amazed you, wait till you see the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, which is twice as big as the Yankee stadium. The new $1.1 billion stadium has become the most expensive football stadium ever built, at least for one season. The goal was to make Cowboys Stadium a tourist attraction and a landmark, not just an exciting place to watch a football game. One looks at the features and amenities at this stadium, and you know that this goal has definitely been achieved.

A five-star stadium, it boasts of the world’s largest television (a Mitsubishi digital screen that is 72 feet tall and 160 feet wide) and retractable glass doors (the 180-foot-high glass doors take 18 minutes to open)! Besides that, 3,000 TV screens are adorning the pillars, walls, and escalators, a retractable roof as well, as thirty-one lounges, bars, and clubs! Three hundred suites, each with its own bar and lounge, operate in the stadium. All of the handrails, tables, seats, walls, and air ducts are either silver or Cowboy blue.
Designed by Dallas-based HKS Architects and built by Manhattan Construction, this 88,000-square-foot stadium began in June 2006. It hosted its first game on July 19, when 82,000 people saw Mexico’s national soccer team play Haiti and Guadeloupe play Costa Rica. The stadium’s prime-time debut will be Sept. 20 on NBC, a Sunday night National Football League game between the Cowboys and the New York Giants.
The stadium, which looks like a spaceship from outside, has a capacity of 80,000, which can be extended to 100,000 for special events. A true architectural masterpiece, the players and the spectators are sure to get a unique experience here.

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