Pininfarina to design a 22-storey luxury residential tower in Singapore

Porsche dived into realty sector with its luxurious Porsche Design Tower, followed by Hermes and Pininfarina taking up a design contract of residential projects. All set to get into the fast lane, the leading Italian design house, Pininfarina is debuting with a 102-meter high-rise residential condominium in Singapore. Christened Ferra, the project under the banner of Pininfarina and Far East Organization (Singapore’s largest private property developer), truly comes by as a work of art.

First, look at the architecture, and it seems like you are staring at a ‘two-faced’ building, as though both are split personalities of the other. The red tower shapes the urban block with fluid, sinuous built volumes, while the black uses orthogonality and faceting to express speed and strength.

Featuring 104 residential units, the condominium is the brand’s first initiative, which involves both interior and exterior architecture. And for a first-timer, the brand has done a notable job. Through Ferra, Pininfarina has perfectly united aesthetics with functionality, a ‘home’ that can be lived in, not just shown off.

While a bold palette of red and black stun at the outside, the insides reveal a more comfortable and homely aura – a palette of wood that accentuates the balconies and sky terraces.

The 22-story construction also includes green spaces and water features, making Ferra quite the hotspot for an opulent lifestyle.

Pininfarina has also given utmost importance to enabling proper ventilation. Openings in the balconies act as an artfully blended gradient or composition of nervous lines that reference the air intakes of car bodies.

Most individual units are customizable and, like its ventilation, aptly orchestrate light over a composition of wood and leather interiors that lavish the insides.






[Via – Pininfarina and Designboom]

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