Porsche Design Tower rises high with elevators for residents and cars alike

Germany’s Porsche Design Group has teamed up with developer Gil Dezer of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, to build a condo complex. This is no ordinary condominium and its reads like something straight from a sci-fi novel. This condo complex is the world’s first complex equipped with elevators that will take the residents and their cars straight into their units. The project’s cost is estimated to be around $560 million and was given the Sunny Isles Beach City Commission’s the go-ahead without any opposition. The cylindrical building will be constructed on 2.2 acres and will house 132 units in a 57-story tower. Each unit will be allotted two parking spaces or four spaces as per the units’ sizes, with a total of 284 parking spaces. Each of the units will measure from 3,800 to 9,500 sq. ft with an expense of $9 million.

The elevators are designed to function in combination with the robotic arm. When the residents pull over in front of the elevator, a robotic arm is designed to scoop the car onto the elevator carrying the residents to their desired floor right to their front door. The ride up in the glass elevator lasts around 45 to 90 seconds, allowing the residents dazzling views of the beachfront. Developer Dezer expressed, “We want to keep this really exclusive and not have this become a McDonald’s kind of style. The tower is going to change the skyline of Miami Beach,” and added, “This is something Floridians should be proud to have in their state.”

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