Circuit board shaped city to come up near India’s silicon valley

After designing movie sets, its time for the movie people to design a full-fledged city! At least that’s what in store for the new Skill City which will be a new satellite city on the outside of Bangalore, the IT hub of India. Developed and envisioned by Bollywood’s Sanjay Khan, the design layout for the 700-acre city draws its inspiration from a printed circuit board and Mandala symbolism. Designed by Lee Harris Pomeroy for the LHPA, this 49 million sq feet wide city will be developed as a ft sustainable Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The city will feature a technology campus, an office tower, a golf course, a residential community and a 5 million sq ft grass-roofed mall.

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The 70-storey is desidned to resemble an intertwined ficus and banyan trees, while the campus will generate power locally through an in-built electricity generating plant. To satellite city will be located between Bangalore and Chikkaballapura. The city will also feature apartment towers in close proximity to schools, parkland, a community centre and a medical center.

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