Sky condos will rise up with swimming pools suspended high up in the air

Today’s affluent always scour for entertainment, luxury, and an adrenaline rush that’s consummate. Who knew that a new building project in Lima, Peru, could offer all of that and more? DCPP Arquitectos has a new building construction of 20 floors under its hood wherein each home has a swimming pool of its own, literally jutting out of the building. It gives an impression to swimmers that are practicing front crawl suspended in mid-air. To add to that, the Sky Condos building is scheduled to be built in an affluent neighborhood with golf course views, making it more favorable for the new owners.

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DCPP has given an open-air feel to the apartments, allowing as much natural light as possible. The project combines exterior space with interior life, setting new housing standards for Latin America. The only hiccup I see here is the safety factor, as the pools don’t seem to be contoured properly. If you’ve liked this concept, you might like the suspended swimming pool in Shanghai too.
[Dcpparquitectos and Dailymail]

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