The $500 million Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation HQ is touted to be cost efficient

There are two sides of a coin and same is the case for every idea or plan. What else can I say about the $500 million Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s new headquarters. The 900,000-square-foot headquarters comprised initially of two six-story, boomerang-shaped buildings on 12 acres. The new building is Green, not only in color, but also in terms of being earth-friendly. Aiming for a Gold rating in LEED Certification, the structure boasts of a living roof on the parking garage and a million-gallon rainwater storage tank to conserve water. However this building has come under the spotlight for reasons more than just being eco-friendly. Since the foundation is all about social issues like enhancing healthcare and reducing extreme poverty, is it justified to invest this huge amount on building a charity headquarter? Social workers worldwide will come up with a list of welfare issues that are striving for funds. Though the philanthropist couple has set a noble example in the world of rich and famous, such a project will raise many eyebrows as well as vindictive questions.

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