The Palm at Jumeirah, Dubai is nearing completion

We have repeatedly raved and ranted about Palm Jumeirah! And the hot news is that it is heading for completion. The toil and sweat of 14,000 laborers is finally going to bear fruit. About 60,000 people will call this uber-luxurious man made island home. An offshore city with 32 hotels, it is Dubai’s answer to the worlds leisure capital Las Vegas. It also wants the coveted Business Hub title, snatching it from Singapore and Hong Kong. The island project cost $14 billion. The Palm Jumeirah, a 12-square-mile island group, is part of what’s billed as the largest land-reclamation project in the world, the product of five years of brute hauling of millions of tons of Persian Gulf sand to and quarried rock. On Nov. 30, the palm will open some 4,000 residents, said Issam Kazim, a spokesman for Dubai’s state-owned developer Nakheel.

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