These 5 upcoming skyscrapers will change the Parisian skyline forever

In a bid to attract more talent and become Europe’s business hub in the post-Brexit landscape, Paris is investing heavily in La Défense, the city’s main business district. Seven skyscrapers have been announced which will be the tallest buildings constructed in Paris in the past forty years. The city’s hope is that the 375,000 sq. m. of new office space will lure more businesses over from London. Check out our five favorites below along with the architects behind the project:

Hekla by Ateliers Jean Nouvel
With a height of 200 m. this skyscraper will offer a gross area of 80,000 sq. m and will likely be completed in 2021. With an interesting faceted exterior, this building is sure to add some futurism to the Parisian skyline.

Tours Sisters by Christian de Portzamparc
Asymmetrical shapes can often be polarizing, but this building with its curved front is pretty easy on the eyes. Tours Sisters’ tall tower will be 200 m high while the short tower will boast a height of 100 meters. The gross area of 95,000 sq. m will be made up of 20,000 sq. m dedicated to hotel space and 75,000 square meters to office space. The estimated date of completion is 2021.

M2 by Valode and Pistre Architects
M2 looks like it will have some recreational space on its roof complete with a small garden, if pictures are to be believed. At 165 m. it’s far being the tallest of the new buildings, but it might be one of the coolest. It is estimated to be complete as early as 2019 and will offer up 49,000 sq. m of office space.

Alto by IF Architectes
With a height of 150 m and a curved façade, Alto looks like it would fit in among the glitzy hotels of Las Vegas. However, its 51,000 sq. m will be dedicated mostly to offices. The building will probably be complete by 2019.

Hermitage Plaza by Foster + Partners
These identical towers seem to enhance the “worm’s eye view” perspective with their tapered base and flared top and at 320 m they’re the tallest of the lot. Offering up a gross area of 260,000 sq. m, the two towers will include both office and hotel space. Estimated date of completion is 2022.


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