Worlds largest and the most expensive private mansion owned by Ambani’s

Don’t get your hopes high on seeking the location of this wonderful private mansion owned by Ambani’s, as it is still under construction. Ideally, a 42 story, it is now a 27 story as Mr. Ambani like high ceilings. Mukesh Ambani is reported to be the 14th richest man in the world, with an estimated personal wealth of around $21 billion. He is also one of the more visible men of wealth in India. When completed, the high-rise mansion will also be one of the most visible (and discussed) mansions in all of Mumbai, if not India–and the rest of the world. Designed to house Ambani’s fortunate family of six and a doting staff of 600, this enormous mansion will also have six floors dedicated to pampered storage and parking for a collection of at least 168 automobiles. Included in this magnificent residence will also be a full-service spa, fully-equipped gym, a home theater that should turn Hollywood moguls green, and multiple floors set aside for visiting dignitaries and guests. The family will have to do with the top four stories set aside for their viewing and living pleasure.

I am dreaming…I wish to live in a mansion like this, if not live then at least be invited to the house warming.