World’s most expensive building gets more expensive as it gets 11 more floors

The world’s most expensive building will rise higher than planned. The Yongsan Landmark Tower was initially intended to stand tall with 100 stories. However the developers have had a change of plan and announced eleven more floors which will push it 120 m further up. This will make it eligible to be crowned as the tallest building in Korea as well the second tallest building in the world. This latest alteration will also add on to its cost of construction which was originally estimated at W1.4 trillion. Change in the number of stories and height has also triggered a change in the name. Standing true to the number of floors, the tower will be known as Triple One instead of the Landmark Tower. And if you think that these 11 floors are a bonus to the building then get the facts clear that back in 2007, the building was conceptualized to rise to 150 floors. However the economic downfall of 2008 snatched the 50 stories off the original plans. But with the sun shining brighter on the economic conditions, the developers are also adding on to tower’s height and honour too.

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