World’s most expensive one-bedroom apartment is listed in Tokyo at $21.8 million

Covering some of the most expensive homes in the world over the years, I have become accustomed to some of these mansions and estates’ features, like sprawling bedrooms offering breathtaking views, etc. So, when I heard about yet another pricey home being listed in Tokyo, I was all set to write about the usual features like a luxurious master bedroom and 4-5 exquisitely decorated guest rooms besides other spaces. However, I was in for a surprise. For an asking price of $21.8 million, it is a one-bedroom apartment! Yes, that’s right, just one bedroom. Called “the House,” this apartment is located in Tokyo’s lush neighborhood of Minami-Azabu and is definitely the world’s most expensive one-bedroom apartment in the world. And no, it’s not the plush neighborhood that’s contributed to the hefty asking price.

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This apartment actually sprawls over a cool 4,434 square foot with an asking price of $4,920.75 per square foot. While the house only has one bedroom there are various other rooms and luxurious interiors that contribute to the home’s high cost.
Each and every room is spacious and there is also a Habachi-style kitchen where you can serve guests. The interiors and décor are also a class apart.
The furniture is custom designed by Cecotti Collezioni and the walls, flooring and doors are all imported from Italy.
What is more, “The House” also boasts of famous original Japanese artwork, which was painted on site!
Besides, there are also terraces and courtyards and a massive walk-in closet, and a place to store 200 pairs of shoes!
And here I thought that only sprawling mansions and estates could command such hefty prices.

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