Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi sits within Formula 1 circuit

You might be surprised to learn that Abu Dhabi is fast catching up with its more famous cousin, Dubai, in terms of architecture. Though a smaller town, the city is gaining prominence because the Abu Dhabi leg of the Grand Prix will soon occur. With that in mind, Asymptote Architecture has designed the Yas Hotel, which is inspired by Formula 1 and sits in the heart of the new Formula 1 circuit. The complex consists of 500 rooms, and its bridge allows an unhindered view of the Grand Prix event.

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The most unique quality of the hotel is the veil-like structure which creates a sort of crystalline aura, and the diamond-shaped glass panels make the whole structure look totally outlandish. The hotel complements the sky, sea and the desert in the background. Elegantly designed, Yas Hotel is key to placing Abu Dhabi on the International architectural map. Formula 1 and motor racing fans can stay in the Yas Hotel if they have deep pockets. You could also take a look at the Strata Tower, which adds to the architectural significance of this desert city.
Via: [World Architecture News]

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