Watch – A 11-year-old reporter from Brooklyn interviews Jay-Z on success, and it is as adorable as motivational.

Via Instagram / @jazzysworldtv

It is often hard to get celebrities to spill the beans! However, not so much for an 11 -year-old reporter named Jazmyn. The adorable girl recently interviewed Jay-Z and managed to make him reveal the secrets of his extraordinary success. Yes, that’s right! Broadcasted on her Jazzy’s World TV social media brand, the interview shows Jazmyn asks Jay-Z to offer some advice to youngsters who would like to follow in his footsteps. Replying to her, the Rockstar says: “Believe in yourself, even before anyone else believes in you.”

He further went on to say, “You’ve got to have that ultimate confidence like you do. You’re very confident. And just believe in yourself.” While wrapping up the chat, Jay-Z jokingly noted that someone needed to cut her a check.”How much they pay you to do this?” while adding, “Man, if you don’t get Jazzy her money, you’re playing with us, man! That’s why I’m here to negotiate for her now. Now, where’s her money at?” And it’s not just Jay-Z that the girl has interviewed.

She has previously chatted with 50 Cents as well as rapper Naz. Complimenting her for her passion and determination, the latter noted, “Already I can tell you’re very intelligent and you have the heart to do what you’re doing. You’re motivated, you’re focused, and you’re a beautiful kid, and I think you have a talent and a skill.”

He further added, “At 11 years old, I don’t know what I was doing, but nothing this cool, nothing this smart. So, keep doing what you’re doing.” Jazmyn captioned her recent video with Jay Z on Instagram to read: “@jayz shares a few tips for success with me & other kids watching…Thanks so much for sharing time with me.” She also mentioned that part two of the interview would be out soon.

The 2nd clip from the interview drops today. Be sure to check out @jazzysworldtv on Instagram.

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