$2000 for a selfie with Justin Bieber? Sadly its a thing

It’s a truth that Justin Beiber fans are not really the ideal critics for what good music is. The star rose from the ranks thanks to rather domesticated video uploads that reached for the stars in no time. Now the same idea is reflected in overpriced concert shows, legions of frenzied teenagers screaming and passing out each time the boy waves his slender fingers at them and of course, millions earned in terms of sale revenue.

Well, as if that weren’t enough splurging on a monolith of poor music then here’s another reason for Beliebers to bring themselves more heartaches and misery to those who fund/care for them. The singers ‘Where are you now” (yes, we didn’t find it worthy of CAPS) tour offers a VIP #Purpose Experience for $325. That is a lot of money but doesn’t come close to the more intimate ‘I’ll Show You’ VIP #Purpose Experience that could set you back $925! If seeing the backstage and coming within inches of the singing boy isn’t too good for the pitiful bunch of frolicking teens then the $2,000 Ultimate #Purpose Experience could do the trick. Yes, it costs that much to have bad taste in music.

This experience could fetch a fan offers one selfie with Beiber (which a wise fan would capture in burst mode), a seat in a dedicated barricaded section near the stage runway, a tour of the backstage (where you will see how the boy wonder and is crew are treated), some merch and some other stuff only these jubilant youngsters could justify.
If you thought this world was coming to an end of good music appreciation then it’s time to paint a sandwich board already as this ‘experience’ has sold out. Where are the times where celebs needed to ward off selfie seekers?

[ Via : Huffingtonpost ]

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