A romantic getaway to Fiji helps Doug Reinhardt win Paris Hilton back

The last update about Paris Hilton was that she was all set to launch her first mobile game ever in India. Well, besides readying up for her big Indian debut, the hotel heiress is also busy rekindling her romance with Doug Reinhardt. In true celebrity style, the newly reunited lovers got the sparks back by going on a tropical vacation. Their romantic escapade took them to Wadigi Island in Fiji, where they went on wave runners, scuba diving, and sky diving.

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According to Eonline.com, Reinhardt rented the private island in an attempt to win back the heiress. And it looks like our princess was definitely pleased with this romantic gesture as she Tweeted, “Love Wadigi Island, had the most incredible stay. It is true, Paradise, so beautiful and private. It’s the perfect place to vacation.” And Reinhardt couldn’t help but agree as he Tweeted, “Wadigi Island in Fiji the perfect romantic getaway so private and beautiful.”
Is Doug going to be the guy who will finally get the socialite to say, “I do”? We can only wait and watch.

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