Abramovich triumphs in the biggest private court case in history

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who is believed to have spent $75,000 on a bottle of Dom Perignon and bringing Black Eyed Peas to celebrate his New Year’s party in the past, recently found himself entangled in a legal battle against his former mentor and business partner, Boris Berezovsky. However, the $6.5bn legal battle came to an end when Mr. Abramovich came out clean and won what is termed the biggest private court case in British legal history. The accusations of both the parties were pretty staid- Mr. Abramovich was accused of blackmailing Boris Berezovsky into selling his interests in the oil company and aluminum conglomerate they founded together at a knock-down price. In contrast, Mr. Berezovsky was accused of extorting money from him for political influence and claimed he had paid him $1.3bn to buy his freedom when Mr. Berezovsky fell out of favor with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Owing to the issues’ factual nature, Mrs. Justice Gloster was perplexed as to believe Mr. Berezovsky or Mr. Abramovich. The judge went on to rule out Mr. Berezovsky’s claims due to many reasons that could bombard anybody like a missile. He lost the case as the judge was unimpressed by his ability to recollect things accurately, dishonesty, and his attempt at deliberately molding the truth to suit his purpose, leaving Mr. Abramovich to emerge as the frontrunner in the case.

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