All decked up in a Hazmat suit, goggles, mask and gloves, supermodel Naomi Campbell takes no chance when traveling in an airplane in lockdown

Naomi Campbell flying in hazmat suit.

Naomi Campbell looks great even in rags so a full hazmat suit is hardly going to take away from her charm. The stunning supermodel knows how to strut her stuff after more than 30 years in the fashion industry. Campbell has very well exhibited that she is taking coronavirus seriously, with the model posting a selfie in an actual hazmat suit. The gorgeous germophobe has become sort of seasoned at pulling off hazmat suits. In March, Campbell shared a photo while boarding a flight from LA to NYC, wearing a full hazmat suit. We do miss seeing Naomi in Victoria’s Secret wings but for now, this will do too. Can’t think of anyone else who will look sexy even with face hidden behind an N95 mask. The bland white suit gets a dash of color with a pair of pink latex gloves along with oversized goggles and mask. Fans who have been following her social media accounts will know she is a stickler for cleanliness and uses antibacterial wipes to sanitize her seat, tray table, TV screen, headrest, overhead bins, and anything else within reach every time she flies. There was even a video of the same that went viral a few months ago.

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Throughout the lockdown, Naomi has shared various pictures dressed in her protective gear and urged fans to ‘wear gloves’ and be safe. Speaking on her YouTube live series, No Filter with Naomi, the model shared: ‘Frankly, if I am here on May 22, in isolation, I’m blessed. I’m not afraid of 50. I’m going to be spending my 50th here. I’m fine with it.’

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