American Idol themed Samsung D807 signed by Jon Bon Jovi

Charity is the best form of garnering publicity and not to forget moolah (pots of it!). But what makes it out of the ordinary and sought after is when it’s backing up a good cause. And while we are talking about a good cause lets mention the good celebrities who are vouching for it. Jon Bon Jovi and Cingular – the duo is offering a limited run of ten SGH-D807s through Samsung’s “Four Season of Hope” program. Their phones, however, could use some work. The phone is fine but what’s with this whole American idol sequined at the back? I hope they can be removed cause they really do make the phone look ‘phoney’. The eBay auction stands to benefit Jon Bon’s own 2nd Floor Youth Helpline, a hotline kiddies can call to talk to a “trained listener about day-to-day issues of concern.”

Besides the defaced D807, a winning bid will net you a “special-edition collectors’ box” signed by Ryan Seacrest and Jon himself. Do you think the people who fall into the Bon Jovi + American Idol + Ryan Seacrest fanbase has thousands to plop down for a charity phone? Probably not. Here’s hoping the kids get something nice out of this.

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