Amy Winehouse gets £1 million to perform in Moscow

Amy Winehouse is back and how. The R&B and soul singer is being flown to the Russian capital by private jet to perform at a billionaire oligarch on New Year’s Eve party. For which the Richie Rich is paying her a clean one million pound (almost $1.5 million). This is her first private gig since 2008, when billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich paid the rehab singer a whopping £1.5million to sing at the launch of his girlfriend’s Moscow Art Gallery. The stage, according to sources, will also be used by the singer to prepare for her upcoming six gigs in Brazil in January that will get her a windfall of around £300,000.

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The singer who confesses of “feeling the strongest in a very long time” considers this a “very-needed” financial windfall. Amy, who landed in Moscow on Thursday night, is staying with her entourage to a £1,700-a-night hotel. And while the details of her very private performance is kept under wraps, what’s crystal clear is the Midas-touch comeback Amy has. And here we were thinking troubled celeb comebacks are a painful affair. Not this one for sure.

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