2 million followers in just 3 hours of creating the account – Angelina Jolie breaks Jennifer Anniston’s Instagram record by a huge margin.

Jennifer Aniston was accorded with the undisputed Instagram Queen status after she garnered a massive following on the platform only hours after joining it. However, proving that the ultimate victory is, in fact, hers is Angelina Jolie, who broke all records as she made a foray onto the social media forum lately.

Via Instagram / @angelinajolie

As per reports, Jolie’s has become the quickest account to amass one million followers on Instagram, surpassing previous records set by stars including Jennifer Aniston. She signed up on the platform on Friday, and in less than 24 hours after her first post, the Oscar-winning actress’ follower count stood at a cool 5.6m.

According to OK!, she apparently gained 1.7m followers in her first hour on the platform before jumping to 2.1m followers after three hours. Anniston, similarly, is said to have a record five hours and 16 minutes to reach one million followers in October 2019.

Via Instagram / @angelinajolie

Jolie’s first post speaks of the plight of Afghan refugees, particularly women and girls, in the wake of the Taliban’s regaining control of the country. Sharing a letter she received from a teenage girl in Afghanistan, who wrote that she had been denied her rights and freedom, the 46-year-old commented: ‘This is a letter I was sent from a teenage girl in Afghanistan. Right now, the people of Afghanistan are losing their ability to communicate on social media and to express themselves freely.”

She further added, ‘I’ve come on Instagram to share their stories and the voices of those across the globe who are fighting for their basic human rights. Like others who are committed, I will not turn away. I will continue to look for ways to help. And I hope you’ll join me.’

Applauding her views, a user commented, “Thank you, Jolie, for your beautiful heart and kindness. I’m with you,” while another added, “Thank you for bringing awareness and being brave enough to share. I wish more people of influence would also speak up.”

At present, Jolie’s Instagram following stands at 7.6 million, while her post has over 33,51,000 likes and over 1,28,000 comments.

[Via: The Sun]

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