Are You Rich Enough to Buy a Country?

If you thought you could call yourself “rich” because you could afford luxury cruises, a yacht or two, a mansion in one of the plush neighborhood, or maybe even a private jet, think again. You might not be able to call yourself super-rich until you could buy a country yourself! CIA Fact Book reveals that most Forbes 400 members have wealth that is greater than many countries. Bill Gates, for instance can buy Costa Rica, El Salvador, Bolivia and Uruguay among the 140 countries that have less GDP than his net worth of $50 billion.

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Warren Buffet can buy North Korea, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg ca buy Zambia, and countries like Haiti, Belize, Montenegro, Barbados can be bought by many of the 400 billionaires mentioned in the Forbes list. If you truly want to call yourself rich, you must start thinking about being in the 400 member list of Forbes so that you could technically buy a country of your own, though it’s practically not possible. If you can’t afford a country, you should at least aim for the $2.2 billion resort for the world’s richest citizens.
Via: Yahoo News

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