Bankrupt Kerry Katona parts way with her Porsches

Things are definitely not going well in the world of former British pop star, Kerry Katona. The lady, who was declared bankrupt in 2008 after owing a whopping £82,000 ($115,645) in taxes, is definitely going through a bad time. Her Porsche Cayenne GTS and Porsche 911 Carrera were repossessed and she had to hand over the keys to the leased cars when she couldn’t keep up the repayments. Both motors are being advertised on the Internet by AB Holdings of Runcorn. The car, with her husband Mark Croft’s personalized registration plate, is up for grabs for £58,994($81,801). The couple’s Cayenne, which cost £60,000 ($83,196) last year, has been sold for £46,994($65,105). The days are definitely grim for the star who only last year handed over the keys of her Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Range Rove. Looks like the wheels of fortune are definitely not spinning in favor of this lady.

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We sure hope the lady overcomes her losses and emerges a winner in these trying times. Until then, the poor lady will have to make do with just a £45,000 ($62,461) Mercedes saloon and a £55,000 ($76,327) Nissan GT-R.