Beck rents Private Island for Posh as anniversary gift

The Celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham are always in the news to splurge their excess dough or launch a new line of designer jazz. But this news tops the list as the couple is about to celebrate their 10th anniversary on the Fourth of July. Guess what Beck is gifting his girl- Sir Richard Branson’s exclusive Necker Island, which is one of the world’s most luxurious resorts. It was supposed to be a big surprise for Victoria, but we ruined it for her by letting her know about her sweetheart’s plan.

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This gift should definitely make Posh feel like the Queen of the world as the rent for the Island is a whopping $35,000 a night, and only a handful of the affluent would choose to part with such a large amount, especially for their wives of 10 years! Envy her? Me too!